Dalarnas Hemslöjdsförbund has a regional mission - Promotion of Handicraft. DHF is a non-profit umbrella organization for handicraft in Dalarna.

DALARNA’S CRAFTS ASSOCIATION  (Dalarnas Hemslöjdsförbund) is the employer of two handicraft consultants whose activities include the areas of cultural heritage, knowledge transfer and supporting of professional  craftmanship.

The purpose of the craft association is to promote handicrafts and their development within Dalarna. To accomplish this we work to/for :

Increased knowledge and increased interest for sloyd and handicraft.

Create opinion on handicraft issues.

A high standard of education.

Ensure that knowledge of materials, techniques and functions in handicrafts, handicrafts and crafts is kept alive.

Represent the county’s local handicraft associations.

A sustainable organization.

Inform and spread knowledge about handicrafts.

Inform and spread knowledge about the handicraft’s cultural heritage.

Crafts having an obvious place in people’s daily lives.

Promote the development of handicraft as a means of nourishment.

We Collaborate with Region Dalarna, the Committee for Handicraft Issues (Nämnden För Hemslöjdsfrågor), the National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies (SHR – Hemslöjden) and consultants in the rest of the country. Work for cooperation with organizations and municipalities in Dalarna with an interest in the association’s activities.

The association is an independent organization and is part of the collaboration model. Dalarnas Hemslöjdsförbund receives operating grants through Region Dalarna.

member associations

In Dalarna, we have 19 member associations, including shops and economic associations. The member associations are members of Dalarnas Hemslöjdsförbund. We offer a network throughout Dalarna, support the member associations in various issues and are a link to the national organization.
Through handicrafts and crafts, we contribute to building an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable society. We both protect and renew the cultural heritage.
By becoming a member, you support that work and become involved in the business. You get support, security, community, inspiration and knowledge.

the National Association of

Swedish Handicraft Societies

The National Swedish

Handicraft Council

Tourist Office